[pwabuilder] Strengthen non-disciplinary training routine in 2023

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According to the news from the Ministry of Education on December 29, 13 ministri...

According to the news from the Ministry of Education on December 29, 13 ministries, including the Ministry of Education, recently announced a 'meeting on the regulation of autonomous education for elementary and middle school students' (hereinafter referred to as 'opinions'). ), and a systematic approach to off-campus, non-disciplinary education.

[pwabuilder] Strengthen non-disciplinary training routine in 2023

Opinion" noted that it is necessary to fully implement the party's education policy and implement the main task of educating people to adhere to the principle of "service education, problem-oriented, internal and external communication and administrative coordination" of all parties. It is a policy to comprehensively standardize non-disciplinary education and turn it into a useful addition to school education, promoting the comprehensive development and healthy development of students.

The “Comment” highlights the need to identify non-prescriptive educational institutions in all regions and establish standards and procedures for access. In all regions (autonomous districts and cities), physical education, cultural arts, and science and technology educational institutions must be distinguished and the relevant supervising department must be determined. Provincial government departments should lead the development of basic standards for the regulation of relevant online and offline educational institutions, and clarify the following requirements: Construction, environmental protection, sanitation, food management, etc. must have relevant professional qualifications such as sports, culture and art, and science and technology. Employment of in-service teachers for primary and secondary schools is not permitted, and foreign staff must comply with relevant governmental regulations. Non-regulatory organizations must be registered as legal entities in accordance with the law after obtaining administrative permission from relevant competent departments. A full-scale investigation, containment, and reform of the existing system is needed.

In "Remarks" the need to standardize the daily practice of non-disciplined education is mentioned. The content of non-discipline education must be in accordance with the physical and mental characteristics of the student and the educational law, and the content of technical education must not be provided. Class hours must not conflict with those of local primary and secondary schools, with offline learning ending at 20:30 and online learning by 21:00. Non-academic institutions must adhere to the public interest attributes and implement accurate pricing and disclosure. Tuition fees are managed by designated banks, special accounts, and special funds. Tuition is not paid in the form of student loans. It is recommended to provide educational services first and charge them. Educational institutions cannot collect funds in temporary or covert form, such as recharges or sub-cards, for classes of more than 3 months or more than 60 hours, and cannot exceed 5,000 yuan.

The "remarks" mention the need to strengthen day-to-day control over the upbringing of young children. As the first person in charge of safety management, the legal representative and actual supervisor of an educational institution must faithfully fulfill their safety obligations, comply with safety rules such as building regulations and fire prevention, and eliminate safety accidents in a timely manner. . A common law enforcement mechanism should be established in all regions to seriously investigate and punish violations of laws and regulations in the field of education. Promote "Internet + Supervision" and integrate all non-disciplinary educational institutions into a unified national education and training supervision management and comprehensive service platform. Promotes industry discipline and guides institutions to standardize practices.

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