[pwabuilder] Everyone ignores the cruel life insight of the Fahai Temple Mural Art Museum

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News from our newspaper (Reporter Sun Yunke) In 2023, Shijingshan District will...

News from our newspaper (Reporter Sun Yunke) In 2023, Shijingshan District will launch a series of "similar museums" and new public cultural spaces, among which the Fahai Temple Wall Art Museum will be piloted in the near future. The museum has a 4K high-definition screen that can reproduce original paintings, and the entire exhibition can last more than 4 hours. Viewers can enjoy the experience of viewing in an art gallery. This was reported by a reporter from Shijingshan district.

[pwabuilder] Everyone ignores the cruel life insight of the Fahai Temple Mural Art Museum

Fahai Temple Wall Art Museum is located at the foot of Fahai Temple Mountain, which was rebuilt from the original Xishan Kuilin Tea House. The art gallery from the outside looks spectacular under the green hills, green pines and cypress trees, and the words "Cui Wei Dan Cing" are written on the vermilion lacquer wood door. Slide open the wooden door, there is a hole inside. The museum has a reception hall, introduction hall, wall hall, screen hall, restoration hall, tail and other exhibition spaces, talking about the past and present, technical details, historical culture, artistic value, etc. Fahai Temple.

Taking the elevator down, the exhibition hall on the first floor is the main exhibition space of the museum. The four giant screens in the introduction room show the "Five Wonders" of Fahai Temple. When displaying the Fahai Temple wall, all four screens are connected to represent the spatial design and content structure of the entire wall.

In the future, the high-definition 4K display screen will show the specific details of the Fahai Temple wall in detail, and the text and screen size will be 1:1 to restore the original mural, and it can also show local details very dynamically. . Definitions with detailed audio descriptions. For example, the famous sculpture "Quan Yin's Water Moon", a high-definition screen, enlarges the details of the mural, clearly shows each technique, and puts a white veil on Guanyin's body, "scattered powder and at the same time two screens forming a triangular shape with this folding screen" We have the same folding screen, comparing Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva, Moonsusari and Bodhisattva Bodhisattva to analyze how their skills work when the three masters have exactly the same head, eyebrows and eyes..Details differentiate different characters.

“We use technical means to show great detail and present the contents of the mural one by one, so that the viewer has enough time to understand the mural, and the total viewing time can be more than 4 hours.” Liu Xiaobo, director of the Fahai Temple Mural Museum, introduced: A clearer and more intuitive understanding of Fahay for visitors to see the temple. The origin and effect of the wall."

The highlight of the museum is that every time the exhibition hall arrives at the scheduled time, all the screens on site stop and are replaced by the same animated video showing images of Fahai Temple. At the same time, the entire exhibition hall, from the top to the walls and floor, became a work of art so that the audience could enjoy the world of wall art.

There is also a 360-degree dome-shaped theater where the movie 'Dream Fahai' is screened in the exhibition hall. The film tells the story of the muralist Wang Fuqin, a muralist at Fahai Temple. All the characters and animal images in the painting are taken from Fahai Temple walls and displayed through 3D modeling, allowing the viewer to go back to the early Ming Dynasty when the temple was built and see its original style. An educated artist at the time.

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