[addiemanager 2023] Pipeline construction, innovation makes safety more reliable.

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In the new year, construction is moving at an accelerated pace. Under the comman...

In the new year, construction is moving at an accelerated pace. Under the command of the construction team, a 55m gallery machine moved sideways to “tighten” part of the pipe gallery.

[addiemanager 2023] Pipeline construction, innovation makes safety more reliable.

“Do they look like building blocks?” joked Wang Fei, head of investment strategy at infrastructure construction firm Xiong'an Group. In fact, each piece is over 13 meters long, 8 meters wide and 4 meters high, and weighs over 100 tons.

The comprehensive underground utility corridor is known as the underground "artery" of New Xi'an District. "Unlike the excavation of foundations before pouring in the past, Xiong'an New Zone has pioneered the construction technology of large-scale split-and-assemble pipe galleries. The pipe gallery components are assembled in the factory and then transported to the factory. Assembly site foundation construction By digging and pouring the ground at the same time, the working time has been reduced by 1/3 compared to the previous one.” Wang Fei was introduced.

The comprehensive underground pipeline gallery part of Xiong New Zone is divided into 2 to 6 parts, and the standard is 4 parts, which collects the main pipes for city operations such as water, electricity, gas, heat and network. After completion and commissioning, problems such as "high wires, low manhole covers" and "road cracks" do not occur.

By the end of 2022, Xiong'an District will build a 136 km comprehensive underground utility corridor with a total length of 92.4 km.

Moving to the entire corridor of Haodon Street in Rongxi District, the wise management of operation and maintenance is commendable.

The control center is remotely controlled, the hydraulics work, the manhole cover slowly opens, and the operation and maintenance staff Li Xiaolian descends into the manhole to inspect it. The cabin has smart devices such as cameras and oxygen sensors.

“Put a set of measurement sensors every 30 metres, a set of cameras every 100 metres, and oxygen and temperature and humidity sensors every 200 metres.” Thousands of measurement devices inside the cabin are connected to a control center 24 hours a day. - Comprehensive monitoring time".

Xiong New District is the first in China to build an IoT sensing system covering the entire utility corridor and build a comprehensive utility corridor operation and maintenance platform. Supervisors can ensure safe operation by controlling various intelligent system equipment such as cabin safety measures, automatic fire alarms, fuel gas detection alarms, and communication in real time. The entire pipeline gallery in Rungsi, which is 12.7 km long, employs only 12 operators for operation and maintenance.

“One image can dominate the entire network.” After completing the test work, Li Xiaolian returned to the control center and opened a 3D simulation map of the pipeline corridor on the computer. “This is the Haodon distance unit, all sensors, cameras, etc. Then real-time monitoring parameters will appear and you will know at a glance."

According to the plan, Xiong'an District will build a complete two-story "main-branch line" pipeline corridor with a total length of 300 km to create a smart, green and safe urban environment and lay a solid foundation. Urban Improvement "Millennium Plan".

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