[2023] The device's high-energy synchrotron radiation light source amplifier is fully connected.

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) Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of High Energy Physics (Chinese Academy...

) Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of High Energy Physics (Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of High Energy) reporter said on the 14th that a large scientific device of high energy synchrotron light source (HEPS) is an ideal laboratory. Recently, great progress has been made with the final section of the HPP pressure intensifier. On the afternoon of January 13, the valve closing was completed and the pressure intensifier was fully installed.

[2023] The device's high-energy synchrotron radiation light source amplifier is fully connected.

Announcing the shutdown, Pan Weimin, NPO project manager and researcher at the Institute of High Energy of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said that the complete penetration of the NPO intensifier line is that the intensifier has completed online installation and electrical equipment. We have entered the equipment modification phase. HPP construction has made another big step forward.

The intensifier is an important part of the HPP accelerator. Its circumference is about 454 meters, and it accelerates the electron beam from 500 MeV (mega electron volt) to 6 GeV (giga electron volt) and receives energy at the same time. . At 6 GeV, collection of the beam charge extracted by the storage ring is complete, and the beam is timely captured in extraction mode and inserted into the storage ring.

Installation of NPO pressure intensifiers includes pre-collimation, tunnel installation, precision alignment, vacuum connection and packaging, and is a tight schedule and demanding job. After the successful modification of the NPO intensifier, it will be the world's first intensifier with high energy recovery and beam accumulation.

The overall structure of NPO is like a magnifying glass, and is known as a sharp tool for judging the microscopic world. When completed, the NPP will be China's first high-energy synchrotron radiation source and one of the world's highest-brightness fourth-generation synchrotron radiation sources.

The main contents of the NPO construction are accelerators, lighthouses and auxiliary facilities, and the construction period is 6.5 years. In June 2019, the construction of large-scale science facilities in Huairou Science City, Beijing began. It is a key national science and technology infrastructure built during China's "13th Five-Year Plan", providing a technical support platform for the country's key strategies and cutting needs. The main equipment of Huairou Science City jointly built by the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Beijing is also the most important science and technology infrastructure of Beijing Huairou National Comprehensive Science Center.

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