[2023] Men around the world are in a frenzy to promote the development of manufacturing clusters

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As of 2022, Shenzhen Bao'an District has firmly dominated the core industria...

As of 2022, Shenzhen Bao'an District has firmly dominated the core industrial market, supported the development of high-tech manufacturing industry, and promoted the continuous movement of more than 50,000 manufacturing companies in the region to the middle and upper end of the industrial chain. .

[2023] Men around the world are in a frenzy to promote the development of manufacturing clusters

Bao'an District Party Committee Secretary Wang Shorui said there are about 500,000 enterprises in Bao'an District, of which more than 99% are small and medium-sized enterprises. The promotion of cluster development has become an effective way to increase the competitiveness of enterprises. .

To this end, in 2022, Bao'an District announced plans to develop and expand six industrial clusters, including semiconductors, integrated circuits, and industrial mother machines, as well as strategic emerging industrial clusters, focusing on the construction of industrial phalanxes. Jiang Jiangxiang, Deputy Director of Industry and Information Technology Bureau of Bao'an District and a member of the party group, introduced: Varieties. "Large and Small" enterprises. Among them, 16 individual champion companies have market share. Reach the top 3 in the world."

In order to further strengthen the innovation capacity of SMEs, Baoan District promotes the establishment of technology service platforms, industrial technology innovation associations and other innovation consortiums, and shares resources such as research and development, product testing, etc. ., focusing on achieving co-innovation between large enterprises and SMEs and eliminating common core technologies in the industry. At present, Bao'an District has built 540 different industrial innovation platforms, and the SME cluster has contributed more than 80% of district patents and more than 96% of national high-tech enterprises.

In order to solve problems such as fragmented business operations and insufficient coordination of industrial chains, Bao'an District has accelerated the digital transformation of SMEs. Jiang Jianxiang introduced that the district has built a "1+1+N" industrial Internet platform, helping nearly 20,000 enterprises migrate to the cloud platform and realize joint exchanges in R&D and design, manufacturing and production for enterprises. guided collection. Increased sales and support efficiencies to businesses by more than 20% when producing products.

Industrial spacecraft are also needed for business development. According to the distribution characteristics of industrial space, Bao'an District plans to build a "4+N" industrial cluster space design, which focuses on the construction of four high-tech industrial zones and a number of high-quality parks. "It is possible to secure a high degree of compatibility between space supply and cluster development and efficient supply through the establishment of a multi-level and differentiated space guarantee system for rental and sales, demand adjustment and general distribution." Jiang Jianxiang. said

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