[pwabuilder] Amazing 'vegetable land' never seen before, melts my heart...  

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Green, red, yellow... In the greenhouse of the vegetable nursery in Shaoguan, Sh...

Green, red, yellow... In the greenhouse of the vegetable nursery in Shaoguan, Shandong Province, colorful vegetables are growing in every node or already bearing fruit, giving endless energy in the cold winter.

[pwabuilder] Amazing 'vegetable land' never seen before, melts my heart...  

360 vegetable greenhouses are "cultivated" on 1,500mu of land in Qiulinsi Village, Daoxian City, with an annual output of more than 10,000 tons of fruits and vegetables, and the annual income of the villagers is more than 40,000 yuan. .

“A specialized cooperative was formed in the village, and about 130 village farmers joined. The annual vegetable export volume is about 20,000 tons, the sales turnover exceeds 100 million yuan, and the collective income has increased by 600,000 yuan. In the village,” said Cui Yulu, Kuilingsi village party organization secretary.

Zheng Tongcheng, a vegetable farmer from Sunjiaji Street Zhengjiazhuang Village, has been growing vegetables for more than 10 years and never worried about the market. . Gao Hongyan, director of Gaonan Fruit and Vegetable Professional Cooperative, said that the cooperative has more than 300 households regularly supplying vegetables throughout the year, and the vegetables are mainly sold to Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Inner Mongolia and other regions.

According to statistics, there are about 1,500 fruit and vegetable cooperatives in Shoguan, producing about 10,000 tons of vegetables per day. Boasting a cultivation area of 600,000 square meters, an annual production of 4.5 million tons, and an annual transaction volume of over 9 million tons, it is the nation's largest vegetable distribution center, price formation center, and information exchange center. The 100 billion-level vegetable industry cluster located in Shouguang Vegetable Center was selected as the first batch of 50 profitable and unique industrial clusters in China.

Installing "smart brains" in greenhouses is nothing new at Shouguang. Shandong Wuze Ecological Agriculture Technology Development Co., Ltd manages 2000 hectares of vegetables in Yingli Town, Shouguan City. Each warehouse has many advanced equipment and sensors to monitor temperature and humidity, soil temperature and humidity, and light. , carbon dioxide concentration, etc. are collected and monitored in real time.

At present, the newly built greenhouse in Shouguan is fully supported by intelligent equipment such as automatic temperature control, intelligent atomization, ozone disinfection, and water and fertilizer integration machines. Farmers can grow vegetables at home using their mobile phones. At first, a young and middle-aged couple could plant two 70m high greenhouses, but now they can manage three 100m high greenhouses.

Those who learn the norm have the right to speak. The National Vegetable Quality Standards Center, jointly established by ministries and provinces in 2018, is located in Shuguang. Currently, 2369 vegetable industry chain-related standards are integrated, and the vegetable standard database consists of 14 categories. and 182 categories. 54 technical production regulations were prepared for 37 kinds of vegetables. More and more "Shuguang Standards" have been upgraded to "National Standards".

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